About Us

MD Hydraulics PTY LTD is a dynamic team with extensive hydraulic technical experience in all aspects of Mobile/Industrial Hydraulics. We have over 50 years’ Hydraulic Industry experience, being the previous owner/operator of Western Hydraulics Australia and previously employed at Vickers and Stenline.

At MD Hydraulics, we understand the importance of operating and maintaining a clean and efficient hydraulic system. We are committed to providing, our customers with the best possible option to ensure that their hydraulic systems are operating at maximum efficiency. Our workshop is located in Glendenning NSW and is fully equipped and has certified hydraulic testing and diagnostic equipment to help today’s machine owners get the most out of their hydraulic systems for the lowest possible cost.

MD Hydraulics combination of hydraulic repair options, whether it’s a new Hydraulic pump, a repaired Hydraulic Cylinder, Hydraulic Fittings, Filters and HydraulicComponents, MD Hydraulic have them in stock and we can supply or can get them for you. We also specialise in Bosch/ Rexroth Linear Motion Robotics and Variable Speed Drives (VSD)

Contact us today on 02 9625 9076 and speak to one of our Hydraulic specialist.